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Astrologer for Starseekers


First I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my picking my destinations for my 2017 Birthday trip. I would never have though to go to Banff, Canada and it was lovely. The hot springs there was so beautiful and healing and surprisingly inexpensive. I was surprised it only cost $7.50 Canadian money and only a twoey to get there to travel on the bus. I was told the mineral content is higher than most hot springs. And as usual there was an angel on my shoulder the entire time I was there. When I arrived late due to the delay of the plane, my car was not in the place it was supposed to be and the car rental place was closed. I was divinely lead to a shuttle I did not even know was available to me and got to my hotel in Banff. And the shuttle was taking off in five minutes. I did not miss it by 5 minutes, I was there right on time. Amazing!! The hotel had issues with construction going on and I was able to get a significant discount on my room and was quite happy with my hotel after that. And the majestic beauty of Banff is a must see place. Most important, I had a lot of work to do from my job and was able to handle it all between affirmations, Yoga (I signed up for) and a crystal bowl ceremony.

The most magical mystical thing happened when I got back. I had the urge to go see this movie Victoria and Abdul at a movie theater far from my house in Pasadena. When I was watching the trailers before the movie a trailer for a movie (that was only going to play at that movie theater one week and the only movie theater in LA too) The story started talking about a women going to Canada in the 1920's. At the time she was dating a Rockefeller and she went to Canada anyway and low and behold it was all about her going to Banff Canada!! I was told about these birthday trip mystical encounters form Susan Baroni and now I look for them. And in the movie Victoria and Abdul the two people in the movie go to Florence Italy, Where I went last year!

Anyway I think about my Banff trip all the time as the images are so beautiful and now I wasn't to purchase my 2018 trip but paypal is not working. You should have all my information from before, so let me know what I need to do to set up and start you working on my 2018 birthday trip?

Abundant blessings,

Mary Chaffee