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Astrologer for Starseekers

Solar Return Chart Readings

SOLAR RETURN BIRTHDAY TRIPS 1st and 2nd half if you can't do your best! or you can't get what you need the 6months later

The Solar Return Birthday Trip is the most powerful catalyst in astrology. It can determine what you are going to experience for the year. Every year near your birthday, the Sun is in the same degree and minute as the day you were born. When this alignment occurs, a Solar Return Birthday Chart is created. You can alter what is going to happen in your life for the year to come by changing your location at the time of the alignment. This does not change the aspects the planets are in, but it will change which houses they land in, thus shifting your year.

It is best to schedule 3-6 months out therefore for Morningstar has the proper timing and locations for you. Plus you can find the best prices for flights, hotels, villas, spas, etc. So your success in your goals for the upcoming year can be planned out well in advance. As well as finding the best travel deals for some who may like a faraway destination to enjoy their birthday.

One can choose from these popular goals for the upcoming year or anything else that one may really need to focus on:

  • Self-development and building self-worth
  • Making money
  • Communications: speaking, teaching, writing; relationships with your siblings
  • Real Estate investing; home remodeling or redecorating; improving your relationship with your mother and/or family; creating a family
  • Your children and/or creating more; creative projects
  • Your health; your job (finding a new one or improving the one that you have)
  • Improving your relationship with your spouse or finding one
  • Self-transformation; receiving money from others
  • Connecting with the Creator; improving your relationship with your in-laws; spiritual journeys; support for self-publication
  • Career support or changing careers; improving your relationship with your father or men in authority positions; support for working on T.V. or in the movies
  • Friendships; hopes, dreams & wishes
  • Serving humanity; doing hospital or counseling work; clearing out your sub-conscious mind; unseen protection

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